Chironas is the ancient greek archetype of the healer. It symbolizes the inner power of human beings to use trauma, to transform sorrow and finally to heal themselfes.. This power becomes the bridge for the expansion of conciousness.


Since time immemorial, people have recognised the value and usefulness of harmony. We look for harmony in the body and beyond, in our emotional or mental function. This trifecta of […]

Art as therapy

Countless works of art have been created about art as therapy. Countless pages of literature and poetry have been written – monumental plays have been put on time and again, -epic […]

Therapy as art

Perhaps the term art in relation to therapy comes as a surprise – it might sound somewhat strange. In the perception of the modern human, therapy is something to be […]


Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? These are questions that have preoccupied and continue to preoccupy the human intellect to this day. Questions that are […]

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2-day Transformational Workshop led by Simon & Jeanette Daly – “Behind the Scenes….”
Events venue Chironas - in cooperation with "Solidarity Mission" - has the honor to host the 2-day transformational workshop of Simon and Jeanette Daly, [...]
“Events Venue Chironas” – beginning of workshops, groups and other events..
The first branch of "Project Chironas" - the Events Venue in Peania-Athens - will start his operation at the end of March, with the equinox.[...]