Since time immemorial, people have recognised the value and usefulness of harmony. We look for harmony in the body and beyond, in our emotional or mental function. This trifecta of […]

Art as therapy

Countless works of art have been created about art as therapy. Countless pages of literature and poetry have been written – monumental plays have been put on time and again, -epic […]

Therapy as art

Perhaps the term art in relation to therapy comes as a surprise – it might sound somewhat strange. In the perception of the modern human, therapy is something to be […]


Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? These are questions that have preoccupied and continue to preoccupy the human intellect to this day. Questions that are […]


2-day Transformational Workshop led by Simon & Jeanette Daly – “Behind the Scenes….”
Events venue Chironas - in cooperation with "Solidarity Mission" - has the honor to host the 2-day transformational workshop of Simon and Jeanette Daly, [...]
“Events Venue Chironas” – beginning of workshops, groups and other events..
The first branch of "Project Chironas" - the Events Venue in Peania-Athens - will start his operation at the end of March, with the equinox.[...]