About us

The Chironas Project was conceptually conceived by Andreas in spring 2016 and took its legal form by Evi, in the summer of the same year. It is a greek private company (PC), managed by Evangelia Tsamasli and its article of incorporation is published in the General Electronic Commercial Registry of Greece.

As a company, it seeks to maximise the benefits for employees, customers and shareholders, embracing the concept of social economy. From the living spiritual organism perspective, benefit is perceived holistically – on many different levels – and it is not focused on purely monetary gain.

At this stage, the Project Chironas management team includes Andreas as managing director of the Project and Evi as director and hostess of the Events Venue. Vicky is our venue manager, in charge of reception and adminstration. Stefania is in charge of social media, communication and promotion of Chironas events and Stella cares for graphics and publishing. Alexandros is the creative director of the Project, while Daphne is behind the photographic lens. George manages our web presence and is also part of our creative team. Tasos is our IT expert, Eugenia is in charge of legal matters and Chryssa of accounting. Franz is the developer and leader of Chironas Journeys.


Andreas Palaiologos
Project Management
[email protected]+30 6946129853
Evi Tsamasli
Events Venue Management
[email protected]+30 6946129851, +30 210 6657084
Vicky Alexandratou
Events Venue Administration and Reception
[email protected]+30 210 6657084
Marina Pappa
Art Direction
Dafni Douma
Evgenia Fotopoulou
Legal affairs
[email protected]http://efotopoulou.gr
George Tampakas
Web Development
Chrysa Nanou
Franz Milopoulos
Journeys Management
Valmira Gjolekaj
Facility Management