Chironas Events Venue

In the heart of Attica, a former factory is transformed into an art-space dedicated to mindfulness, wellbeing, self-healing and self-knowledge.

We have put all our love and passion to create a meeting place of innovation, cooperation, information, learning and search, to share as common ground, in the spirit of friendship and freedom.

Using old materials, we are creating something new!

At Chironas Events Venue, we have at our disposal approximately 700 square metres of a specially designed, symbolic and bright space:

Two large halls -“Uranus” and “Chironas”- which can be unified to create a total area of 222 square metres, and two smaller seminar rooms –“Zeus” and “Hermes”. There is also a large reception area, spacious meeting and sitting rooms and offices, as well as facilities for the disabled.

Chironas Events Venue aims to host, present and promote a variety of holistic, self-healing and self-knowledge arts. At the same time, it aspires to elevate art itself as a form of self-healing and self-knowledge.


Chironas Events Venue:

  • takes on and enjoys hosting of educational or entertainment events such as workshops, seminars, informative speeches, film screenings, meetings, lectures, plays, book performances, as well as philosophy, poetry, fairytale and storytelling events…
  • is also available for exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, festivals and other major events on related topics and orientation.
  • organises experiential, self-healing and self-knowledge weekends, cycles of workshops in therapeutic arts, physical exercise-harmonisation groups, holistic training programmes for companies and schools.
  • provides flexible space rental for events within the thematic agenda of the Project or/and events that contribute to its purpose.



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