Terms of Use


The website www.chironas.gr (henceforth “the Webpage”) belongs to the company by the name of “PROJECT CHIRONAS PRIVATE COMPANY” ( henceforth “the Company”), and offers its services under the following terms of use which the visitors-users of the pages of the website are requested to read carefully and visit – use the pages – only if they accept them fully:

1. The use of services by the users of www.chironas.gr implies full and unconditional acceptance of these terms. For this reason, the Company advises users to read the text below carefully whereas for any questions they may contact the Company via email at info@chironas.gr.

2. All the information contained in the www.chironas.gr website is available to the Webpage visitors for personal use only and may change without notice.

3. The content of the website www.chironas.gr is subject to copyright and is governed by national and international copyright provisions. All rights of the Webpage content remains with the Company. All content of the Webpage, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, logos and all files in general are intellectual property and are protected by the Greek, European laws and international agreements. Any use of the Webpage content is prohibited; it is a violation of these terms and circumvents the Intellectual property laws, the Trademarks Act etc. Therefore, none of it may be wholly or partially sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or transmitted and distributed in any way without the permission of the Company.

4. Any rights not expressly mentioned herein, are reserved to www.chironas.gr, its writers and the Company.

5. In case of violation of these Terms and Conditions, the license to use the content on the website is automatically terminated and you are obliged to immediately destroy any copy of the content or part thereof which you have downloaded and / or printed.

The only exception is made in case of storage of only one copy of part of the content on a personal computer (PC) for personal use and without deletion of the www.chironas.gr indication.

6. The Company reserves the right to amend these terms, whenever deemed necessary, and with the posting of the amendment here you are considered notified.

7. The terms listed on the Webpage concerning each particular workshop / event individually are considered an integral part of these conditions with regard to the particular event.


1. The Company disclaims any responsibility from the republishing of third party articles webpages, for which (Articles) the responsibility lies with the cited writer.

2. The content of the Webpage, such as texts, graphics, images and information presented by the writers, and any other material included in the Webpage (“Content”) is used for the sole purpose of informing.

3. The sole purpose of all services offered in the Events Venue Chironas is to assist and support the friends of Chironas so as to heal through holistic, self-healing and self-knowledge arts. Both the content of the Webpage and the workshops taking place at Chironas aim to highlight art itself as a form of self-healing and self-knowledge and the awareness of the Human – within us – and its creative potential. The experiential, self-healing and self-knowledge workshops of therapeutic arts that are conducted can in no way replace skilled care, professional judgment or treatment from a practitioner of Mental Health or any kind of health professional for that matter.

4. It is not necessary that the experiential, self-healing and self-knowledge workshop of the therapeutic arts will have the same impact-effect on every person attending them. The appropriate treatment for each person is individual and the Company puts the utmost effort into helping through collective therapeutic arts programmes.

5. We ask that you always seek out the help of a health professional before making any decision with regard to your own treatment, or that of others. The information provided here or anywhere on the internet is helpful, but cannot replace the help of specialists.

6. Please seek professional help immediately:

If you have morbid or suicidal thoughts or thoughts that might hurt yourself or others.

If you feel that you are not able to “take care” of yourselves.

If you suffer or are involved in any violent and / or abusive situation.

If you are in any danger threatening your physical and / or mental health.

7. Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under no circumstances, including negligence, will the Company be liable for any damage suffered by the user of pages, services, options and content of the Company and the Webpage.

8. The content and services of the Webpage are provided “as is” without any warranty expressed or implied in any way concerning their effectiveness. The Company has no responsibility for the content of workshops / seminars / events held in its premises.

9. The content and information included in the Webpage should in no way be considered advice or exhortation for specific action. Users visit the pages of content and services through their own initiative and bearing sole responsibility.

10. The Company makes no explicit warranty that the pages, services, functions, options and content will be provided continuously, free of error or that errors will be corrected. It will, however, make every effort to correct any errors both on the postings and the content of the Webpage in general.

11. The Company cannot be held responsible for the way in which the information provided through the Webpage will be used or through its workshops, conferences, conventions, lectures etc.


1. For the availability of places in each workshop / event you can contact our information desk by telephone. Participation fees will be paid in full before each event / workshop. Reservations can be made by telephone or electronically via email or on our Webpage through the global internet platform EVENTORA. In the case of workshops / events which require a deposit (this will be indicated each time in the respective places on our Webpage), cancellations can be made up to three working days before the event with the possibility of a refund. In cases of late cancellations, the deposit will be retained by the Company. If payments have been made for events lasting more than one session, and you wish not to attend the event / workshop any more, any amount paid is nonrefundable and no fee is required for the time period until the end of the event / workshop.

2. In case of cancellation with refund, said refund is to be made in the way that payment took place. For example, in case of credit card charge, the Company will be required to notify the issuing bank to cancel the transaction and the bank will subsequently proceed to the action stipulated by its contract with the client with no further involvement of the Company. The Company, after such notification, will not be liable for when and how the reversal is to be performed, being regulated by the abovementioned contract.

If case of cash payment, the money will be returned in cash, unless requested, in writing, that it be deposited into your bank account. The refund will be made within ten (10) business days after the refund request.


1. The Company’s services are addressed to adults who have full legal capacity.

2. The Company tries to the best of its ability to protect the users or the Webpage, even more so the minors who visit its Webpage.

3. The Company recommends that parents ensure that children cannot gain access to the internet without proper guidance and supervision, since the Company is unable to verify the information channeled through the servers of the Webpage.

If, however, underage users visit pages and encounter inappropriate content, the Company bears no responsibility.

4. There is commitment to the protection and non-disclosure of personal data of minors. This Webpage is not designed to address children under the age of 13. Consequently, no Personal Data is collected from any person that we have been made aware of being under 13 years old.

5. Nevertheless, a parent or guardian can use the Webpage to find information on or book a position for minor in some workshop – group. The parent or guardian is solely responsible for monitoring the use of the Webpage by the minor. The parent or guardian takes full responsibility for ensuring that the registration information is stored safely and that the information provided is accurate. The parent or guardian also take full responsibility for the interpretation and use of any information or proposition provided through the Webpage for the minor.


1. The Webpage keeps completely confidential any information granted by both website users and visitors of the workshops – group members. Thus, users of the Webpage are encouraged to read the terms of use and privacy, so that they know in which way the information granted to the Website is used.

2. It is clarified that the Company does not provide third parties with personal data obtained from users of the Website or its customers. The mailing of newsletters is done via mailchimp, a mechanism which guarantees the protection of electronic addresses in its conditions of operation.

At any given time, you may unsubscribe from the newsletter list, if, for some reason, you lose interest in news concerning the activities of Chironas. Our newsletter is only sent to the users who expressed the desire to receive it. In no way will we willingly submit you to spam email.

3. The management and protection of personal data of users of the Webpage services are subject to the terms of this section as well as the relevant provisions of Greek law (Law 2472/1997) about the protection of the individual and the protection of personal data as supplemented by the decisions of the President of the Personal Data Protection Committee, P.D. 207/1998 and 79/2000, Article 8 of Law 2819/2000, Law 2774/1999 and Directives 95/46 / EC and 97/66 / EC of the European law and other laws.

In this context, any changes will amend this. In any case, the Webpage reserves the right to change the personal data protection terms within the existing or potentially the new legal framework after informing the users. If a user does not agree or does not accept the terms of personal data protection provided herein should not use the services of the Webpage.

4. For the concepts of personal data and their processing as well as traffic data apply what is dictated by Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006, some of which are repeated below, most notably:

i. “Personal data”: any information relating to the data subject. Statistical aggregates, from which the data subjects cannot be identified, do not count as personal data.

ii. “Sensitive data”: data relating to racial or ethnic origin, political convictions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union activities, health, social welfare and sexual life, criminal charges or convictions, as well as participation in associations relevant to the aforementioned.

iii. “Traffic data”: any data processed for the purposes of the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network or its billing. Traffic data may include, among others, the number, the address, the identity of the IP address or of the subscriber or user’s terminal equipment, passwords, location data, date and time of initiation, ending and duration of communications , the volume of transmitted data, information about the protocol, formatting, routing and communication network as well as the network from which the communication comes from or goes to.

iv. “Location data”: any data processed in an electronic communications network, indicating the geographic location of the terminal equipment of the user of a publicly available electronic communications service.

5. The Webpage only collects the personal data willingly provided by the visitor and which are, to name a few, full name, IP address, email address, etc.

The site treats all personal data of the visitors and may not be transferred to any third party (natural or legal person). The Webpage maintains files with personal information that the visitor sends exclusively for communication purposes.

The Webpage safeguards all personal data of its visitors and may not transfer them to any third party (natural or legal person). The Webpage maintains files with personal information that the visitor sends exclusively for communication purposes.


Non-personally identifiable information (cookies, etc.) and statistics are collected in order to improve the content of the Webpage and make it more complete, depending on users´ actual interests. The cookies are small text files that are stored in our browser while surging the internet. Their purpose is to notify the Webpage visited of the user´s previous activity. They usually describe data such user name and password in order for the Webpage to “remember” us during a later visit to the same website so as not to have to log in again. The cookies can be obtained from the website visited or from another (third-party cookies), for example through advertising.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and any amendments thereto are subject to Greek law. Any dispute that may arise from this contract is in the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.