Project Chironas

Our vision is the consciousness of the Human being – inside us – and the expression of its creative potential.

The purpose of Chironas Project is summarized by the trifecta “self-healing – self-knowledge – self-action” while its thematic agenda unfolds in four thematic units: “Harmonisation – Art as therapy – Therapy as art – Philosophy”.

We aim to provide high quality services and products that contribute to wellbeing, mindfulness, self-discovery and self-improvement, individually and collectively.

The “Chironas Project” recognizes and incorporates the values of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Our company operates in four branches, in the aim to achieve long-term economic viability and financing.

The “Chironas Events Venue” is only the first branch of the project and it started operating in early 2017, in a particularly symbolic location of Attica, in Peania.

Next in line are “Chironas Publications” and both the physical and online “Chironas Holistic Shop”, where we sell books, ritual and healing equipment and useful ecological products.

The Project is complemented by “Chironas Journeys”, a specialized organiser of events that combine spiritual quests and travels in Greece.


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Art as therapy

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Therapy as art

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