Therapy as Art

Perhaps the term art in relation to therapy comes as a surprise – it might sound somewhat strange. The contemporary man perceives therapy as something that is achieved only through “science” and comes from the outside – perhaps in the form of a pill or a doctor, to which or whom we pin all hope for a speedy recovery. A healing art, on the other hand, is not scientific and quite often is also very abstract. Who is going to heal us in this case? And how?

At “Chironas” we deliberately use the term “healing art”, as a figure of speech, to add another dimension to the healing process. By expanding the concept of art beyond the purely artistic field, we use the term “healing art” to describe the techniques, methods, ways and means of expression that aim to heal people, directly or indirectly. Such arts usually combine some sort of therapeutic knowledge with talent or skill and can be put to work for self-healing purposes or in order to assist in the healing of others (or both).

A holistic approach to healing is not a new approach, but rather ancient. Such an approach to human health and vigour – which we all need, as the basis for a creative and full life –sees man as a whole. A whole that includes our material body but at the same time, extends far beyond it. The holistic concept of the human being as an individuality of multi-dimensional consciousness, recognises an emotional as well as an intellectual existence. And it goes further… It also recognises another, even more “invisible” human essence, the spiritual essence.

Thus, the healing process – within the wider context of such a perception – becomes deeper by default. The holistic healers facilitate and accompany their fellowmen primarily to a quest for self-knowledge about the root causes of a disease. Through different holistic healing arts, we now have additional abilities in order to comprehend – and not simply fight – the symptoms. Then, the real causes of the disease can be dealt with, on the plane they reside. All holistic healing arts have that in common. Although many of them are in a position to offer us even temporary relief, all of them – not a single one excluded – urge us to consciously participate in the self-healing journey that is life. At “Chironas” we give them time and space.

Every culture has always practised its own healing arts. Within each lore – and through the communication between different nations – these arts have spread and adapted to the needs of each era and place. Some ancient traditions have survived, others have perished. Yet human civilization has continued to produce new arts and to discover more ways of expression and healing. At “Chironas”, you will see ancient and modern elements come together, local and foreign ones as well… Whatever serves and promotes the healing path of humans certainly has a place here.