Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? These are questions that have preoccupied and continue to preoccupy the human intellect to this day. Questions that are both age old and always contemporary. Questions as interesting as the mystery of existence itself.

Each creation posits a Creator or a Reason for creation. The use of logic and intellect flourished right beside man’s inclination for mysticism. And it led to a philosophical quest – intellectual this time, for the Creator, the divine, the unexpressed…

Despite the inherent limitations of our intellectual capacities and the common pitfalls they have in store, philosophy boldly undertook the task to comprehend – to grasp intellectually – and explain life.

The greatest philosophers of all time closely observed nature to decode the causality which governs it and laid the foundation for the development of scientific thought. They quickly realized the ratio between the outer and inner universe. They came up with theories, they coined philosophical models and attempted to argue logically the existence of the very same spirit that prompted them to start this quest.

The philosophical engagement for the purpose of understanding ourselves and the worlds around us, gives meaning to our journey and safely leads to a life that is interesting and most therapeutic.