“Everything flows…. You cannot step twice into the same river”

Thinking – Rethinking, Action – Reaction, Activate – Reactivate, Attempt – Reattempt, Create – Recreate, Direct – Redirect, Evaluation – Reevaluation, Adapt – Readapt, Creating-Recreating, Engineering – Reengineering.

Heraclitus faithful in his belief that “everything flows” reminds us that you cannot step twice into the same river, because the river flows so it’s not the same.

It is very beautiful to be able to see what you can gain by making one and only one different thought from that which has made you feel strange, uncomfortable, bad… To feel that you can change this feeling with just one thought that can help you with just one look change the depends from you … in order to translate the message differently, through you.

Real Eyes – Realize – Real lies

To redesign, re-evaluate, reactions, reprogramming, empowerments and many more words which have given us the ability to move freely within this world just with their use.

Because their use creates internal representations, identity, beliefs, values, thus skills and abilities and behaviours that can define our life.

As organizations we surely evolve and we adapt to the environment without knowing how we do that. Sometimes this is painful during the transformation occurring, because it translates into anxiety, insecurity, fear, in general to feelings that are not useful on a personal or professional level.

The good thing is that we do not have to re-invent the wheel, as many mentors have told us, we just need to connect all pieces and create guidelines regarding HOW this is going to happen.

Personal Development and Mind-reengineering series of trainings offered by Dynamic Equilibrium System and by a team of researchers on Human Behaviour, use well known tools of personal development with systemic approach, achieving that way the people development as units and the increase of productivity as result of a teamwork inside the organizations, giving particular focus on values and beliefs and then on skills, because a skill can change and get lost if it is not transformed into a value or belief and this has to be done on a conscious and unconscious level.

Methodology meets systemic approach, Counselling, NLP, Clean Language, Provocative Techniques, Gestalt and other schools techniques which focus on Human Behavior.

Training programs cover a wide range of skills development such as:

  • Personal Skills, how the man himself evaluates himself in a particular situation.
  • Communication Skills, have to do with the ability to understand, motivate, and communicate with other people. To be able to recognize the model of the world that other people have around them.
  • Strategic Thinking, is necessary in order to define and achieve particular goals. Strategic thinking entails the ability to recognize the current situation and the ability to achieve the desired one.
  • Systemic Thinking, is the root of effective problems resolution and vital for the creation of functional groups. Development of this skill is a finite sign of maturity build in a Leader.


Nicolaos Fragias, Interventionist

Dynamic Equilibrium System

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